Seals freshness with the new weighing and packaging line for salad

We are proud to present the new automatic Comek line for weighing and packaging salad IV range.

A system designed to ensure maximum sealing of the bags and to increase production efficiency.

The new Comek line is a cutting-edge solution that integrates several high-tech components. 

The plant consists of:

  • Multi-head weighing machine CK14ST-M, with AISI 304 stainless steel frame easily sanitizable. The parts in contact with the product are made of special embossed sheet to improve the sliding of the product. The CK14ST-M is a guarantee of maximum precision and weighing speed;
  • Omnya-Evo vertical packaging machine, developed with Open Frame frame in stainless steel that eliminates the profiles and storage areas of the product, facilitating cleaning and maintenance operations. In this configuration, the packaging machine can produce up to 70 packages per minute.

The IV range salad packaging plant is equipped with the exclusive Ultra Seal technology with ultrasonic welding, which allows to make cushion bags resistant and perfectly airtight.

Even in case of product residues in the weld, the package remains perfectly sealed, to preserve the freshness of the salad and prolong the life of the product.

Our new line also offers a sophisticated suction system. 

Thanks to this innovation, the product is dropped more quickly into the bag, increasing the speed of packaging.

The automatic packaging system for salad in bags is therefore a flexible and effective solution for salad producers.

The precautions in the design phase and the technologies studied ad hoc to meet the needs of this sector, make it perfect to protect and preserve the quality of the product, while ensuring a safer and more effective packaging process.

For the fruit and vegetable sector (I – IV – V range), we design and implement simple, flexible and reliable technologies to help our customers to respond to the increasingly challenging market demands.

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