Omnya Evo

Maximum efficiency and cleanliness
thanks to the Open Frame.

Maintain a high level of efficiency and flexibility, avoiding long machine downtime for format change, cleaning and maintenance. Omnya Evo vertical packaging machine has been designed and manufactured with “Open Frame” stainless steel, to simplify cleaning by eliminating profiles and dirt accumulation.


  • icona-telaio-open-frame Open frame
    to simplify cleaning
  • icona-ultra-seal Ultra seal technology
    ultrasonic welding
  • icona-sistema-sensorless Sensorless system
    Reduction of the machine downtime
  • icona-sgancio-rapido Quick unfastening
    for the format change and reel
  • icona-ridotta-manutenzione Reduced maintenance
    high accessibility
  • icona-connettivita Connectivity
    remote control


  • Ultra Seal technology with ultrasonic welding, for perfectly hermetic and resistant packs.
  • Brushless servo motors in electric axis with single-cable technology and energy saving bus supply voltage.
  • Film pulling belts with vacuum.
  • Reduction of the machine downtime thanks to the Sensorless system for the detection of the presence of product inside the sealings.
  • Three modes of operation: continuous, intermittent and doypack.
  • The horizontal sealing unit with “Box motion” system combined with sealing bars with a special execution allows high packaging performance even with difficult heat-sealable packaging materials.

  • Provide your operators with a packaging machine having intuitive working settings, simplicity of forming set replacement as well as reduced maintenance.
  • TFT panel with 16 million color Touch screen and integrated USB port for back-up and on-line help purposes.
  • Rfid Transponder for the instant access to the menu.
  • Connection to the company network thanks to the Ethernet port by IP address.
  • Optional router for remote control with VNC server, tele-diagnosis and tele-maintenance.

Ecopackaging: the future
of packaging

With a careful eye and a concrete commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, Comek machines offer the possibility of using films like: monomaterial recyclable plastic, paper, compostable and biodegradable.
The energy efficiency of the machine is guaranteed by the construction according to the EU regulation 2019/1781, through motors connected to inverters, in accordance with IEC 60034-30 standard on the efficiency classes of AC motors with mains power supply.

Paper film

energy saving

Compostable materials

minimal environmental impact

100% recyclable

waste reduction

Packaging compatible with Omnya Evo

Wide range of customized packaging formats

  • Maximize your investment with a wide range of customized packaging formats.
  • Flexibility of choice among the packaging materials, thanks to several sealing systems: Hot Bar, PE Hot Bar, Ultrasonic.
  • Possibility to realize many types of formats: pillow bag, gusset bag, block bottom, “Stabilo”, doypack with zipper.
  • Accessories to characterize your packaging: Euroslot, resealable Zip, printers, labellers.

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