Speed, continuous use, efficiency, and attention to the fragility and delicacy of the product are the starting points in creating a system for chips and salty snacks.


High output, flexibility, high quality packaging, and quick change of format: with these attributes we succeed in meeting the needs of the demanding customers in the confectionery sector.


Cleanliness, sanitization, quick removal and replacement of parts in contact with the product, and the guarantee of airtight sealing of the packages are necessary for the packaging of dairy products.

Fruit and vegetables

IV and V range. Preservation of the product, integrity of the airtight sealing of the packaging, quick removal and replacement of parts in contact with the product for cleanliness and sanitization.


Solutions and devices designed for very different products, such as dried pasta which slides easily but is fragile, and fresh pasta which is wet, sticky and very delicate.

Frozen goods

Weighers and packaging machines made entirely of stainless steel with a robust structure and suitable for work in extreme environmental conditions.

Powder products

Powder products that compress or free-flowing powders, mixtures with sugars or fats, cocoa, coffee, semi-processed products for bakery.


Easy cleaning and sanitization, flexibility, maintenance of the characteristics of the product, filling-in bags and plastic or glass containers with dosers, packaging machines and highly specialized horizontal lines for these products.

Cereals and flours

High speed, product mix, flexibility with rapid product and format changes, and the presence of powder and sugar are the main requirements necessary for these products and present in weighing, dosing and packaging machines made by Comek.


Guarantee of the vacuum, hermetically-sealed packaging, delicacy in the treatment of the bags and high-performance weighing line, dosing and packaging is carried out by Comek for vacuum-packed products.

Non food

Accuracy in weight and also in the count, sturdiness of the machines, in extreme working environments for small metal or plastic parts.