Cereals and flours

High speed, product mix, flexibility with rapid product and format changes, and the presence of powder and sugar are the main requirements necessary for these products and present in weighing, dosing and packaging machines made by Comek.

Software for product mixing with specific weight and tolerances for each ingredient. Quick format change and automatic roll change system in the vertical packaging machines.

Construction of multihead weighers with special airtight baskets and re-timing device with the vertical packaging machine in specific designs.


Ecopackaging: the future
of packaging

With a careful eye and a concrete commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, Comek machines offer the possibility of using films like: monomaterial recyclable plastic, paper, compostable and biodegradable.
The energy efficiency of the machine is guaranteed by the construction according to the EU regulation 2019/1781, through motors connected to inverters, in accordance with IEC 60034-30 standard on the efficiency classes of AC motors with mains power supply.

Paper film

energy saving

Compostable materials

minimal environmental impact

100% recyclable

waste reduction

We shape your needs

At Comek, we carefully study the layout and configurations of the plant according to your specific requirements, in order to assure the best performance in terms of safety, efficiency and packaging performance.

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