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Omnya EVO 330 vertical packaging machine: versatility and quick format change

Looking for a versatile and reliable solution for producing a variety of packages with quick and easy format changes?

We present the Comek Omnya EVO 330, our vertical packaging machine designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility in high-speed production.

The Omnya EVO 330 makes it possible to produce a wide range of packages:

  • Pillow bags with central sealing, up to 110 bags per minute;
  • Doypack with zip, up to 60 bags per minute;
  • Block bottom bags with 4 welds, up to 50 bags per minute.

Our solution guarantees high performance in a wide range of applications: from pasta to dried fruits, from dairy products to confectionery, from powders to granular products.

Efficiency and versatility

In order to avoid long machine downtimes during format change, the Omnya EVO 330  is equipped with exclusive technologies (such as the automatic centring system) that allow the film reel and the forming tube to be changed in just 10 minutes, without the use of tools.

Customization and security

Our vertical packaging machine can be integrated with a series of accessories that further expand the packaging options available:

  • Possibility to install 2 markers to print barcodes and expiration dates quickly and clearly;
  • Possibility to install 2 labellers to affix additional elements and graphic details above the film;
  • Zip or Aplix applicator for resealable packaging that preserves food freshness;

All the technologies of the EVO range

The vertical packaging machines of the EVO range are a safe and reliable solution for the protection and the enhancement of your products.

All parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel. This material is recognised for its safety in the food industry.

The “Open Frame” frame also ensures simple and deep machine hygiene, eliminating profiles and storage areas.

Discover all the exclusive features of our vertical packaging machine.