Packaging line for coffee beans

Excellent hermetic seal and elegant aesthetic result for 4-seal square bottom bags. Discover our packaging line dedicated to coffee beans.

Consisting of a Comek VPB 330 vertical packaging machine and a DIGILYNE 2T 2-head linear weigher, the line is able to produce pillow, square bottom and square bottom bags with 4 sealings, from 100 g up to 2.5 kg.

Thanks to the exclusive Ultra Seal technology that uses ultrasonic welding, you will be able to apply perfectly hermetic and resistant degassing valves, preserving the balance of perfumes and aromas that make roasted coffee beans unique.

Ultrasonic welding also allows you to apply the degassing valves in a less invasive way on an aesthetic level, giving a clean and elegant touch to your bags.

Customize the packages to the maximum with the possibility of installing the following accessories on the line:

  • Printer for the application of barcode, lot and expiration date.
  • Labeller to affix additional elements and graphic details over the film.

The reel-film joint unit designed by Comek also allows a quick and effective format change, without using special tools.

Our line for coffee beans offers the possibility of also using eco-sustainable packaging, made of compostable monomaterial film or recyclable paper, maintaining the same level of performance in terms of sturdiness and sealing of the packages.

Security and quality for coffee beans, but that’s not all!

Comek offers you a wide range of reliable solutions for weighing and packaging coffee beans, ground coffee, pods and capsules, with transport and counting devices specially designed to preserve the integrity of the product