Entry level

Vertical packaging machine suitable for medium-low production with an optimal quality-price relationship.


  • icona-versatilita-prodotto Product versatility
    pillow bags and block bottom bags
  • icona-riduzione-ingombri Space saving
    control panel integrated


  • Pulse or hot bar welding for any type of thermosealable film.
  • Suitable for packaging any type of product in pillow or block bottom bags.
  • Control panel integrated into the machine frame to save space.
  • Speed up to 70 packages per minute. Up to 1250 mm of film band.

Ecopackaging: the future
of packaging

With a careful eye and a concrete commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, Comek machines offer the possibility of using films like: monomaterial recyclable plastic, paper, compostable and biodegradable.
The energy efficiency of the machine is guaranteed by the construction according to the EU regulation 2019/1781, through motors connected to inverters, in accordance with IEC 60034-30 standard on the efficiency classes of AC motors with mains power supply.

Paper film

energy saving

Compostable materials

minimal environmental impact

100% recyclable

waste reduction

Packaging compatible with VPE


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