Ready for a more green world. Discover our sustainable packaging solutions.

The sustainability of our planet is an urgency that can no longer wait. 

We are aware of the need to develop concrete solutions to effectively respond to the need to reduce the environmental and energy impact of the production process.

For this reason, the Comek range of packaging machines offers the possibility to use ecological packaging materials, such as mono-material films or recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper.

In particular:

  • recyclable plastic, mono-film and coupled packaging, which not only maintain the performance of traditional bonded films, but also reduce the environmental impact due to their recyclability and the absence of adhesives, due to the technology of hot bars;
  • recyclable packaging with paper, with the possibility of ATM barrier and laser window. Our solutions are certified according to the  Evaluation System Aticelca® 501 and can be assigned to the paper collection. The paper used for all our products comes from responsibly managed sources: the company, in fact, is FSC certified.
  • compostable packaging, mono-film and coupled, with the possibility of barrier ATM, light and vacuum, which in addition to maintaining the freshness of food, degrade naturally over time, reducing the environmental impact of waste.

Discover our range of vertical and horizontal packaging machines that support the use of sustainable packaging solutions.